Hustler Of Convention 11.25.16


2Hustler Basquiat

THE HUSTLER OF CULTURE CONVENTION-BLACK ARTS EXPO is a quarterly gathering of Black Artists, Black Art Patrons & Black Art Service providers to network, plan & patronize! This is a platform for artists of all types photographers, painters, poets, MC’s, dancers, authors, graphic artists, musicians, comedians  or whatever! In addition to a day of networking, dynamic art expession, and educational workshops the day will also include timely community dialogue. The Hustler Of Culture Convention is an initiative of GriotWorks a 501(c)(3) art nonprofit that uses art as a basis for community building. If you would like to become a patron for as little as $1 per month visit our funding campaign at

Vendors, Artists wishing to present or perform or those wishing to present an educational, community or business workshop contact E. Muhammad at 443.567.0717 .

The Hustler Of Culture Convention 2

Friday, November 25, 2016

@The Clef Club 738 S. Broad St



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