We are the Purveyors of Positive Propaganda… The Curators of Creativity…The Sentinels of Syntax…We are the Hustlers Of Culture. We are Griots At Work. We are students of Soul School. We are freedom fighters for Justice…Or Else! This is the Hustler Of Culture Store. Your One Stop Shop for products celebrating our Independent Art Culture!


HUSTLER OF CULTURE began as an AUDIO-BIO-GRAPHIC-COOL show starring E the poet-emcee and has since become a movement of it’s own. On a promotional tour for this show, E the poet-emcee traveled along the East Coast and through out the South with Hustler Of Culture T-Shirts. What he found in his travels, is that the phrase “Hustler Of Culture”  that resinated with him from his favorite Public Enemy Song “Welcome To The Terrodome” had an universal appeal. Hustler Of Culture has since become a mission statement for poets, musicians, photographers, jewelry makers, students, teachers et al.; Those who’ve accepted the challenge to push the Culture forward!