Shyster AKA Ms. Betty’s Son

Shyster AKA Ms. Betty’s Son AKA North Philly’s Finest is an award winning poet and youth advocate. He uses his spiritual street wise poetry to uplift the minds and hearts of everyday people. To order his latestest CD “Ms. Betty’s Son The Legacy Continues” Vol. 12! Click the image below12891671_10206215252404188_6996215317611757222_o

They call him Philly Legend, he says North Philly’s Finest, the Notorious P.O.E.T. Known on the street as Shyste, but remembers his mother in Mrs. Betty’s Son, he’s a spiritual street poet who uses his brand of spoken word to uplift the minds and hearts of everyday people.

“The Poet Shyster was absolutely sick! He was like a mixture of Saul Williams and Freddie Foxx. He beat us into submission with every word that exploded from his soul…” –Wise Intelligent, INTELLIGENT NEWZNET

“Using provocative words as fuel for combustible poetry, Reynald “Mrs. Betty’s Son aka Shyste” Williams has quickly become one of the most popular, most respected and hardest working poets to claim Philly as home.” –Raymond Tyler, Philadelphia Weekly